Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Look Again...

     To see clearly, or to have pure clarity of perception, does not require understanding. Understanding is of the mind, and the mind cannot understand that which it is not.

The mind is not clarity, it is not the seeing of what is, the mind is what comes in and comments after the event - so to speak. The mind has an opinion which pops up after the seeing! The mind makes an attempt to understand what has already been seen or has happened. The fact is, clear seeing has nothing to do with understanding. You don't have to understand anything to simply be what you already are, and see what is.

What are you? You are what is unfolding. What is unfolding? This is unfolding. If you are sitting and reading these words then sitting and reading these words is unfolding - drinking a cup of tea is unfolding, driving is unfolding, a noise outside is unfolding, work may be unfolding . . .

Whatever you are doing is simply the unfolding of what is

Then the mind jumps in and claims it as its own.

Do you see this?

It can be very tricky to see this. This is simply unfolding, but the mind comes in and makes what's unfolding its own, it makes (and takes) what is unfolding - Personal. It turns the unfolding moment into something personal - "I'm doing this" or "This is mine" or "I know that!" You get the idea . . .

Nothing is personal except when thinking makes it so.

In other words, when you attach yourself to what is unfolding and call it me and mine, then for you it is personal - and what comes with personal attachment? I'll let you think on that!

There is, of course, nothing right nor wrong about what is or isn't personal. Just be sure that you see with clarity the difference between simply being the unfolding of what is unfolding, which is this, and being personally attached to what is unfolding.

Yes it's true to say that all there is is the unfolding, and when the mind stops trying to understand everything guess what happens? It falls away, the mind falls away - and what is left is - what is.

What is is Presence, it is Being, it is simply the unadulterated unfolding of nothingness as everything. This is it! It's unfolding right here, right now - this is it . . .

So, don't try to understand the unfolding of what is, just be aware of the desire to understand; what wants to understand what - exactly?

You think you are your thoughts and feelings? Look again . . .

Monday, 28 January 2013

Just call me Asis!

I'll take my word-hoard with me 
Where not a soul will beg, steal or 
What is rightfully mine,

Line and sinker
These words peculate
Fanciful mind...

"You're mine, My Precious,
All MINE!"

Empty Platitudinous comments 
Will be ignored;

to the hand
This face is bored,

Does my vocabularies disquiet 
Not strike a chord?


Brings about

'Being doesn't 

Everything is seen 
To be unfolding

Words Written by: Doug 'Asis' McMillan.

(note the air of self-importance!)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Unfolding Words


'The Unfolding'


(and yet nothing...
             ...such is the paradox). 

All there is 
The Unfolding 

And here it is,

It is 


It is remarkably simple,

And yet

Incredibly difficult for the mind to grasp,

 In fact,

It is 


But not beyond





Is all there 


Doug McMillan.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Okay, so this Blog is unfolding, it has a life of its own . .

     Why? Why do I say that this Blog has a life of its own? Well it's just a figure of speech, to make a point, but I'm sure you understand my meaning, hm? The title changes with the unfolding of what is. What is is simply this. This is what is unfolding . . .

All there is is what's unfolding, and so this Blog unfolds accordingly - no further explanation is required, just acceptance of what is - HA!

When oneness started to write this Blog as the unfolding of words on a laptop, seemingly through a man called Doug McMillan, it did so without Doug knowing what was happening, as such. It was just an unfolding. It is simply the unfolding communication of something greater than Doug McMillan, something beyond this limited person-personality.

Doug McMillan still exists here within this body-mind (how could it be otherwise?), but the conditioned personality is no longer dominant in a way that personality normally is. In that case, what is dominant? Nothing really . . .

Seriously, nothing is dominant here - except perhaps nothingness.

Nothing-ness is what is unfolding as Some-thing; or one could say as every-thing.

Another label for nothingness could be oneness, why? Because nothingness unfolds and divides up to become 2-3-4-9-69- everything! Or one could say that One splinters at the point of being to be-come everything all at once.

Words simply don't do it justice. However, if there's one guy whom says it accurately then that guy is Tony Parsons. Now, Doug McMillan has met Tony Parsons, but when we met and talked all that happened was that nothing communicated nothingness to nothing! To find out what I mean, and to discover nothing in particular, please watch the following video . . .



Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Philosophical Pun of the Day:

"The philosophy student got an 'F' the day he forgot to turn in his Hume work."

"Generally speaking, 
the errors in religion are dangerous; 
those in philosophy 

Ah, yes David, but let us not forget that all generalisations are false,
including this one!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Unfolding

     What is real - what is reality? What is unfolding is definitely real, isn't it? Can you show me a greater reality than what is unfolding? If you can then you should do so, you would be doing both of us a favour . . .

The Unfolding

There is no greater reality than what I can only acknowledge as the unfolding. 'The unfolding of what', asks the mind? Is it the unfolding of what is, or - this? Yes, but more than that (actually it's less) - it is the unfolding of nothing as everything. It is the unfolding of what you really are - nothingness. Your reality is as nothing - becoming something. 

Nothingness appears as everything that is unfolding . . . or one could say . . . everything is unfolding out of nothing - and it appears as, and through, you. Without you nothing exists. Hold on a mo, does that sound confusing (wink, wink)? Maybe it does, but once more consider this - when you disappear into deep dreamless sleep every night, what happens out here is none of your business, is it? Not till you wake up that is, and make it your business once more? And if you didn't wake up then for you this existence wouldn't exist - would it? That is because it unfolds only through you, you are unfolding out of nothingness - as something.

Without you there is no life. You are the unfolding of life. You are the unfolding of consciousness, or awareness, or the moment, the Now, or what is, or this - or whatever other label you care to give it . . . You Are the unfolding.

The Unfolding has no other reality, it is simply what is unfolding as what is, or one might say as this . . . it's totally indescribable, that is its reality - it is simply what is unfolding right now. It isn't the now though, that would be your minds attempt at understanding and describing the unfolding. It isn't The Present Moment either, that is also the mind attempting to understand and describe that which simply is before the mind jumps in with interpretation. Even my label - the unfolding is such; but it is the nearest you will ever get to your reality in words I can assure you.

Your presence is really, and simply, the unfolding appearing in existence as something, which it has to do, doesn't it? Well obviously! Nothingness is unfolding, and it unfolds to appear as this, which is what is; that is what is unfolding as your Presence.

Do you see (perceive) this? Does it resonate within you as perhaps an excitement or agitation - or an aha of recognition? Remember our experiment in self-observation, did you, have you, participated in it as yet? Well it matters not, either there was an unfolding of the experiment within and through you or there was an unfolding of something else ha, ha - but do you see any connection here between our experiment in self-observation and the unfolding? That's all I'll ask on that subject for now, it isn't a task you have to participate in at all, just an opportunity to open up the mind for those whom may require a little helping hand.

There is only the unfolding, there is nothing else. Trying to label it further is pointless, a fruitless endeavour of the mind to understand rather than simply be - the unfolding. You see, the unfolding is what you are, that's what you be . . . the unfolding is your very be-ing. Being is unfolding here.

Therefore, you can't even attempt to be The Unfolding, how could you attempt to be what you already are? What are you the unfolding of??? You are what is unfolding! If you're not careful your mind will now jump in and make you feel responsible for all and sundry, but you are not responsible, how could you be when actually there is only the unfolding? What is unfolding does so, it is what is. It can not be judged - well it can, but only by a mind that thinks it is the unfolding.

You see, although all there is is the unfolding, there is something more than the unfolding - oh save me from such paradoxical irony! Yes, but the add on is simply additional software, not hardware. One might say that the unfolding is your reality (your hardware), but, and it's a Big BUT - but something is sitting BANG on top of the unfolding and that is what I call the conditioned personality (your software).

Now, there's nothing wrong with having a personality, far from it, even the writer has one, apparently - who'd have thought it? But what one also has to realise is that your conditioning isn't the whole story, it isn't the whole you; it is just an aspect, or a part of who you are. In fact, it is an add-on!

There is only the unfolding, and as such, and for want of a better description, there is only nothing appearing as everything, and that includes your conditioned personality with all its likes/dislikes, and imagined rights and wrongs, fears, doubts, worries Etc.

    So, what is the unfolding? Nothingness. Nothingness unfolds as what is unfolding. However, you are conditioned to think otherwise, which means you've lost touch with your reality as the unfolding. You think you are your personality, which to a certain degree you are; your personality is unfolding, so how could it be otherwise? It cannot be otherwise. So, what happened, and what is happening? You became conditioned by the world, and took on a mask of pretence, which is your personality. Previously (at birth) you were simply the unfolding - and you still are, but with additional software as a conditioned Person/personality. That is what happened, and is what is happening.

The Unfolding is simply unfolding. Most people have forgotten their reality as the unfolding, they believe they are their thoughts and feelings, which is simply a gathering of time - it's baggage, the past time they have lived here in existence since birth -  it is the conditioned personality. Okay, so what am I doing here on this Blog? What I'm doing here is . . . nothing. What are you doing here? Nothing.

We're doing nothing, you see, there is no one here; how could there be if all there is is the unfolding? This is the work of the unfolding, which is simply unfolding as these words so that the unfolding can read them and recognise its very own reality. The unfolding is pointing a finger towards the unfolding and is present as both the writer and the reader; that's what is happening here, and that is the unfolding . . . 

Friday, 11 January 2013


     In our last post we were talking about Ramana Maharshi's statement, "You are already what you seek", but the question I'm asking now is, is that true?

Well now, first of all are you a seeker? You may well be a new seeker for all I know, or an old seeker, or no seeker at all - hey, first up - what is a Seeker?

A seeker, as far as we are concerned here on this particular blogpost, is someone who seeks to know and understand the truth of life; they're generally perceived to be seekers of enlightenment or liberation etc. (and that'll do as far as I'm concerned).

It has been said that we are all seeking enlightenment, even those of us whom think we are not, because in our quest for personal pleasure, love and success some teachers have implied that what we are really, or truly, looking for is a deeper reality, which is said to be enlightenment/liberation. So, in that sense we are all said to be seeking.

I used to be one, a seeker. In the early days I started out as a new seeker, but with time I got older and became a slightly older seeker, these days I no longer seek; I'm an Old Non-Seeker! Why?

Why am I no longer seeking to become enlightened, is it because I am now enlightened? No - no, not at all, well not on a personal level - that's for sure ha, ha, and that's because there's no such thing as personal enlightenment! If there's such a thing as enlightenment it is discovered beyond the person and the personal . . .

I would say that I am self-realised, but what does that mean? Self-realisation is simply a light-bulb moment when the real 'I' is real-i-sed! The twist of irony here is that the real 'I' is NO I at all! In fact, this moment of real-I-isation is the end of all I think I am, and thus the end of that which seeks anything outside of what I already am . . . which is?

Good question! What one is, when one realises what one really is, is pretty close to nothingness, for want of a better label. Another label, you want another label? Okay, how about Being, any good to you? Or Oneness maybe? Fact is, well, words don't really fit here - not perfectly anyway, and that's because what one is, is in fact beyond labels and labelling. It is what is left when the need to label everything has dissipated from within you.

All of this can sound very confusing - explaining it is so simple (smirk); maybe you need to know that all there is, in reality (which is real-I-ty) is what is unfolding as this present moment. And this present moment is all there is, ahemmm . . .

. . . hopefully you're Smiling now!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

On JournAssassin News Today . . .

A jelly truck and a biscuit truck collided yesterday - police are a trifle concerned.

A report out today from the department of education indicates that only the squares are doing well in geometry class. It's their area.

And, still to come - When the electricity went off during a thunder storm at a school yesterday the students were de-lighted; as for the teacher, he went cross-eyed and couldn't control his pupils at all...

Also, during Philosophy class today something special happened when teacher Ramana told everyone to stop worrying about trifle's (including the police) because:

     No doubt in another News programme we'll take a look at just what Ramana means, in the mean time let's take a look at just how mean he can be - he told me my writing was just average, which is mean in anyone's books!

Finally on JournAssassin News Today I wanted to give you the golden rule on the subject of double negatives, but that would definitely be a no-no!

Monday, 7 January 2013

It's all so Odd over here . . so let's get Even, shall we?

     Where were we? I think we were discussing thinking, well I was - so far you haven't entered the discussion, not with me anyway - in your own head maybe (maybe not) - but not on this blog with me; and that's your choice.

So, in my last post I think we were taking a brief look at thought, and I wrote that it is a tricky subject, and I only say that because thought is so intangible - meaning it is not physical/visible, and if you take a very close look at the nature of thought you'll find that it appears to be very personal; but is it? You'll have to answer that question for yourself, but I'll stick my penny worth in. Here goes . . .

Thought is intangible, I can't see your thoughts (as I'm generalising here I'm including feelings in this bag of thoughts (for now), yes, I know all generalisations are false, including this one, but bare with me here for the time being) - and you can't see my thoughts/feelings, right - agreed - I hope? I may well be able to read your body language, which is a tangible (because I'm reading physical signals), but your thoughts are not actually visible to me - is that fair enough? I do hope we're in some sort of agreement here, but if not it's really not that important, I've still got an ha'penny to spend here.

(I'm sitting here writing this in my dressing gown with a cup of tea in my hands when there's an early morning knock on the door. I answer the door to a nice South African chap asking me where he'll find number 30, and I've just had to explain that we are on the odd side of the road - numbers 17, 19, 21 etc and that number 30 is on the other side as that's where all the even numbers are hidden - he looked a little perplexed - but I send him in the right direction, which is great, that's why he came knocking, right? And that's similar to what this journal or Blog is all about...)

Yeah, that's right - I want to make you feel perplexed! Not really - but I do want to share with you my observations on thought, and send you in the right direction, which is about as good as it's going to get!

Thoughts and feelings can be observed. You can observe them - meaning you can watch them in action, or watch them as they unfold within you. I can do that - and so can you, if you so wish, not that it matters any, but one can.

The more one looks at one's own thoughts and feelings the more something unique begins to happen, now I don't want to give the game away here - because this is really, Really, REALLY something you need to discover for yourself, so all I can be/do here is act as a finger pointing you toward the even side of the road. I'm telling you that the house number you're looking for is over there - it's a bit like pointing towards the moon mind, my finger is possibly missing by a few light years ha, ha - but I'm doing my best to point you on target.

. . . just a finger pointing towards the moon . . .

If one is to start anywhere, then one starts to understand life, the universe and everything better when one begins to observe one's self; by which I mean one's thoughts, feelings and actions/behaviour. That is my message to you in this moment, but if you choose not to then it's not the end of the world . . .

There is nothing good or bad, right or wrong and nothing to like or dislike about what you observe - there is simply the experiment, right, remember? We chatted about this last week? Treat this whole thing like an experiment, an experiment in self-observation. You are the scientist and you are watching yourself in action - and by that I mean you're watching your own thinking processes, how you think, feel and behave on a moment to moment basis. Doing that will lead you, sooner or later, to a discovery . . . and I can't wait to hear you tell me all about it . . .

Friday, 4 January 2013

Got The T-shirt . . . baton not finished yet!

     I'd like to tell you to simply "Be here now", but I can't, and you couldn't even if you wanted to, so what would be the point; Unless you are of course? Well are you? What a friggin stupid question, right? I mean, are you here now? Well of course you are . . . but are you really? Hm, here we go again . . .

What is meant by the words "Be here now"? Well we're not talking about the body being here now because that would make no sense at all, I mean where else could your body be, on the moon maybe? I don't think so (but I could be wrong!).

The body is always in the moment, Always - it can be nowhere else - so where are you? I mean, well, if your body is always, shall we agree to say - Present - or in the moment, where are you? Also, as an add on here, if the body is always in the here and now, and you're not, the question is: "What are you if not the body" - Hmmm?

Well I have a mind to tell you that physically you are your body, obviously. Mind you that's nothing new to you is it? The operative word here? Mind. Let's start here, and we'll also look at the brain, if you don't mind?

The brain is actually physical. It is the tangible aspect, whilst the mind is the intangible aspect. That means that your brain, being physical is always present in this moment, but the mind? This is a tricky subject...

Thinking - I'm talking about thinking, and I'm thinking that thinking is a tricky subject, one that shouldn't be treated too lightly, especially as thinking is a mightily big aspect of the mind. Look, I'm no psychologist, I'm just a Wayward Yogi Blogger with self-delusional tendencies at the best of times, but one thing I can tell you, through a lifetime of self-observation, is that if your body is always present in this moment then it can only be your mind that isn't. The question I have to ask you here and now is, "Do you agree?" Hey it doesn't matter either way, but...

The only way you'll ever Know with all certainty if what I'm writing here is accurate is by being an observer of yourself; meaning your thoughts, feelings and actions, there is no other way. If you don't become the observer of what you call yourself then you'll miss the point. The point? Yes, the whole point, and nothing but the point - and the point is?

The point is that you'll be left with what you've already got, and what is that? What you've got right now is a body, which we've already agreed is always present in this moment, right - and along with that you'll have a mind that is limited by its past. Its past? Aha, that's right - all you have right now is what you think you are, and that is based on your past - or what you think of as your past. What you have right now is a mind full of attitudes, beliefs and opinions - and you assume that this baggage of past conditioning is yourself. But is it?

Does any of this really matter? Only you can answer that, I can't do it for you; I've been there, done that - I'm just passing on the baton . . .

. . digest wisely!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

I Put it in the post . . .

     So today is just another day, a day like any other I guess, but what will I make of it? What will you make of it? Does it even matter? Well yes and no. Yes it matters that you do something today, and you will, even if you stay in bed all day - that's still doing something, one way and/or another, ahemmm! But I deliberately digress . . .

This moment, right here and now, you're doing something, I hope you agree? I certainly am, as you read this I'm doing something in the exact same moment that you're doing something; it is the same moment, the one and only moment that anything can happen in. The question is, I guess, not that it matters any, but the question is - does it matter that what one is doing right now is productive?

Productive? Well isn't that simply a matter of perspective? Aha - Exactly! So, the answer to the original question is yes and NO, because, in truth - you can't avoid the moment. In fact if something needs doing you'll find yourself doing it, even if you're in bed doing it ha, ha - sorry, but...

The moment is all you have, and in the moment you are doing something, even if you're only being in the moment, so to speak - well, then being in the moment is your doings . . . if you see my point! Well, do you? Not that it matters either way - well it doesn't, matter I mean - but humour me here, if it did matter - would you be willing to participate in an experiment?

An experiment? Yes, an experiment to see how the moment unfolds with or without your interference. Interference? Hm - yes, I know - you're going to have to be a little patient with yourself here, but it may well be worth the effort - not that it matters any!

Here we go, in this post, along with a couple before it, I've been writing in a manner similar to a pointing finger jabbing at the present moment in a frenzy that you can probably feel smack on your chest - yes, on your chest - because you are the present moment. Right? Remember; I put it in my last post, and the one previous? Okay, well how to prove it?

I can't - no one can prove it for another - one either realises the moment or one is lost in the baggage of their conditioning, or put slightly more accurately, one is lost in one's conditioning until one awakens into the reality of this moment. Not that it matters...

An experiment? Oh yes, sorry - let's get back on track, which we are anyway, and that is the unfolding of what is. This experiment involves you simply being in the moment, and seeing what does or doesn't happen. I guarantee you something will, it always does, especially if you try to prove otherwise.

For this experiment you'll need either a note pad or a diary, you'll find a pen or pencil will help as well, and you'll need some time to simply be.

The secret here is to simply sit and be the moment

If you're someone who meditates or does Yoga etc. you'll probably find this easy enough to do, but very many people actually find this very hard to do at first - that's Okay. And, by the way, it doesn't matter whether you participate or not, but if you do...

Make a note of the day and time you start sitting and being in the moment. And when thoughts come to mind about what you think you should be doing don't be afraid to note them down on your note pad or in your diary, that's what it's there for. Sit and simply be for as long as possible, and when you find your body getting up and doing something - don't be surprised, eventually it will - then simply stay in the state of being as your body goes about doing what needs to be done.

Now, please note that this is an experiment in self-observation. You are simply being the moment (not just being in the moment), and observing what happens - or doesn't - in/as the moment, right? Think of yourself as a scientist in a laboratory, you are setting up an experiment, the experiment is to observe yourself in the moment, simply being, and making any notes that you feel moved to take down - there is no right or wrong here - it's just an experiment in self-observation.

The more often you put this experiment into practice the more you'll become an observer of yourself, and in so doing you'll . . . well, you tell me; it's your experiment! Or not, as the case may be, but thanks for reading anyway ;-)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pun of the Day:

If you want to revisit the past, 
make sure you get back in time.

Hey - I simply couldn't resist - following on from my last posts I felt it most apt - in 
The Moment!

What is . . .

     Freedom - what is it - really? Is there such a thing? Can one be financially free? Yes, no doubt, there are plenty of people who describe themselves such on this planet, and they have copious amounts of money to prove their point. I'm not one of them, but if I were?
Well I'd enjoy the cash that's for sure! 

So, Krishnamurti, what's his message about then . . .   

     There is no freedom unless you, dearest reader, are free of your conditioned past; or, put more accurately, when you are no longer affected by the past/last moment because you are totally present as this moment.

Remember my last post? (If not you'll know where to find it!) We were chatting about The Moment/The Now - and my point was that each of us, you/me, is simply a walking, talking slice of timelessness labelled - this moment, which is, when you realise it, the one and only moment . . . 

Well there you have it, don't you, now you understand totally: Yes? 

The only real freedom is that which one realises when one is this moment. Why? Because there is no other - and that's it. 

Each of us is simply the unfolding of the moment.

That's it people - No more BS, nothing more to say on the subject today.....

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Into Nudiustertian And Beyond . . .

     Tomorrow Loomed; and yet it is still - Now! So constant isn't it? Where would we be without it, the now? Dead my friend . . . that's right, although in those circumstances one might say one would be Dead Now, which would be Dead Right, right? Right -but what would one know of it? Anyhow, New Year's Eve came and went, would you Adam & Eve it, and we are still living in this moment, the one that means you're still alive and kicking, in the now.

So what am I saying? What, can't you read between the lines? I'm saying that when all is said and done, and New year has been, then here on New Years Day you are still here, as am I, and as such each of us is a walking, talking slice of the moment, or The Now.

Every night you vanish into deep sleep, and if you didn't wake up in the morning you wouldn't know any different - that would be death - which is what deep dreamless sleep is until you wake up. It's just that when you die you go a little deeper than deep dreamless sleep, a little deeper into the unconscious, the psyche - into the very depths of oneness-beingness-nothingness!

Hm, so there ya'go - you are The Moment, there is no moment separate and apart from you - how could there be? Take away the moment and you're a gonna . . .