Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Coms Tool of Duality

     It's quite amazing really how the person, or individualised personality, 'thinks' it can become still, or achieve stillness and/or enlightenment. It can't of course, but it has to try, I know this because I once thought it was possible - I 'believed' that I, as an individual person, could actually achieve enlightenment....

Enlightenment, Liberation and/or Freedom are not actually personal experiences. They are ones reality - they are what one already is, they (you) are the one.

The One (Oneness) is all there is - you are the one unfolding here and reading this.

The One is unfolding and appearing as twoness or 'everything' - the popular word to describe this today is duality. We appear to live in a dual reality, but the word reality is incorrectly used here; existence or duality is better described as an actuality rather than reality. Your life is actually happening, for sure, but the One (Oneness) is the reality behind it all . . . 

Oneness, Being and/or Presence is all there is - it's this; where you appear to be right now.

The individual called Doug McMillan was driven as a person to explore yoga, meditation and Self-knowledge. That inner drive took over this life, it became all consuming and included an exploration of the work of many Yogi's, Guru's and 'Spiritual Teachers. Each teacher and teaching helped to gradually break down the personalities wilful hold on this being - but still there was a clinging, a holding on to individuality. 

The final nail in the coffin for this individual personality was a meeting with Tony Parsons, or more accurately, his work. Yes, I did meet the man, but meeting and chatting to him was just one aspect, actually being at his meetings and reading his books/watching his videos all helped to finally bring about a shift here - and that shift took a couple of years to come to fruition.

Now, obviously I'm using the language of duality in an attempt to describe a greater reality . . but the question I'm going to ask here is "What is language?" 

Language is the communication tool of duality. 

The individual person (as it evolved) needed, and (still) needs, language as a way to communicate between individual persons. Before language all communication would have been through the psychic network that connects us all, and it would have, initially, been rudimentary - yes, to our so called sophisticated individual minds maybe - but everything one needed to know was known!

     The point being made here is that twoness/duality requires language to bridge the gap created by its own existence, whereas in reality all there is is what is - which is Oneness-Being-Presence, which is already quite perfect as is thanks very much.

Perfect? Hm, yes well - not the perfect fit for the imperfection that unfolds as oneness plays at duality but you'll have to understand what one has at one's disposal with which to communicate here . . .