Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Reality That Is 0neness

     Okay, so some people are going to throw a label this way - Doug McMillan is a non-Dualist, he's writing about nonduality, Advaita Vedanta and all that stuff, right? Well no, actually no - one is not - one reason being, well one has already informed you of this, but hey, lets go again; there is no Doug McMillan (other than a label & notion), so how can one whom is not be an anything? No label fits, although you're most welcome to try . . .

The problem is, well, you see a man and you know, I mean with all certainty, you know he has a label/name - and all other labels must therefore, by default, follow.

This doesn't really make any sense though does it to the mind that still perceives itself as a person, an individual living in a world (with a mind) conditioned by a lifetime of attitudes, beliefs and opinions? It all sounds like - Madness, yes?

Often the person/people will perceive this message as madness, and that is understandable, well it would be if one were to look at it from the conditioned perspective, totally - but I can't because there is no 'I' here to comply - so one has to inform you that the madness does not belong to the writer, alas dear troubled world, the Madness is all yours!

The madness that is the world, is the madness of a world of conditioned individuals who have all separated themselves from each other through a screen, a filter if you like, of psychological and emotional attachments to attitudes, beliefs and opinions. It all begins when . . . well it all begins right here and now, because that's all there is. The world is man's creation, and man's creation sits on top of the Earth suffocating the life out of it - sound familiar at all? That's your world - and it is you; well it's the you as individuated personality - when there is no you there is no individuated personality - and the world?

    The world begins and ends here, with you. When there is no world/condition left in you then there is none in the external world - even though to others looking in from the outside (through their conditioning) it may appear to be! How weird that must sound to s/he whom still lives with a world of troubles and problems wriggling around inside them, nonetheless one has to inform you that this is ones reality; the reality that is 0neness.