Friday, 1 February 2013

How to Become...

     "So how can I (the reader) become enlightened, is there a formula perhaps?" 

     Actually the basis of the question itself is incorrect, the question assumes there is an 'I', a me, whom can become enlightened. This message is - 'There is no 'I', so how can 'I' become enlightened, hm?'

All there is is what is unfolding; the unfolding is all there is, all else is personal attachment. Personal attachment is illusory at best. The 'I' whom I (the reader) think I am is only as real as I have made it - and if I cling to it, I continue to make it so. Not that you can do otherwise of course...

Nothingness unfolds as everything, and it does so simultaneously - meaning? Meaning that you are nothingness unfolding as this, or what is. This is unity. Unity isn't personal; the person is an individual and an individual has split or divided from unity (this split could be labelled duality). The world is full of individual persons all divided from one another by and through their personal attitudes, beliefs and opinions etcetera, and from this one can easily see the root cause of conflict.

Unity, which is oneness - is what one is. 

The realisation of Unity/Oneness is like death to the person and the personal, and it is also similar (only similar though) to a rebirth, a rebirth as beingness-oneness. Of  course there is no rebirth, how could there be as unity-being-oneness is all there is, but that is how it may feel.

Again it has to be reiterated that all labels are dangerously inaccurate in that they are like fingers pointing at the moon, including my label the unfolding, however, words are all we have to use here in existence to describe the indescribable and so we work with what we have.

Right, looking at our original question - is there anything to be done for one to become enlightened? How can one become what one already is? One can't, so all attempts are ultimately futile - including meditation (who is it who's meditating, and to achieve what, enlightenment?).

All one can say is that by hearing this message the individual person might begin to dissipate, disintegrate and fall away to reveal what one already is. And all one is is what is unfolding...