Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I Asked You . . .

     Remember? I asked you, a couple of posts back, "what comes with personal attachment?"                                                You recall? Did you "think on it"?

Personal attachment isn't natural, for sure it's normal, but don't confuse the two. What is natural? Being or presence certainly is, in fact they're one and the same - they're two words that attempt to describe that indescribable essence within each of us.

What is the highest truth? Hm, that word truth is maybe not one that sits well here, however I'll use it, but with a licence to decant it at any time! The highest truth is . . . nothing. And that essence, which we can all recognise within us, is that very nothingness unfolding as this.

This is being, this is presence - but it isn't my presence, or your presence, no - presence is not personal - presence simply is.

Personality is the normal condition of Man, but presence is Man's nature (and by Man I mean man and woman (let us not be too pedantic here (not that I ever would be (ahem)))).

Man, when born is naturally present, who'd have thought it? At birth there is just the immediateness of this, or what is. Life is immediate because the baby is simply being what is, without any interference. Then one day the baby, now a young child, recognises itself as an individual - usually because the adults and other children around it are already possessed by individuality - and within the child a personality begins to take shape.

With time here in existence the child grows into adulthood, going through puberty which is where the personality completely rapes the unfolding being - and by the time the child becomes an adult the possession is complete. The adult believes it is an individual person - is convinced it is the personality - is possessed by something quite alien to its true nature as being/presence.

Being/presence is always - present (how could it be otherwise?), but personality becomes the norm, and one often mistakes it as being natural; the truth is - it isn't - although there is nothing wrong about any of this . . .

What is, is what is - even the rape of being by the personality; we can all recognise the truth when described as above. We may run away from it, yes, but to deny it? Also nothing is right or wrong about this, and it isn't good or bad - only the personality would judge it so. All that is happening is that nothingness (for want of a better description) is playing the game of life. Nothing is playing at being something - it has taken on form and is experiencing the duality of individuality - and here you are playing the game.

Nothing can be done by the individual/personality to change any of this - why?

The personality is the add on, it sits on top of Man's true nature, which is being/presence. It is the personality that begins to dissipate once this message is heard often enough. Sometimes, at some point, an individual may crumble completely to reveal the reality it once knew at birth - a return to being or presence.

What comes with personal attachment? Ah, well now, only the person, the individual, can be attached to anything. When an individual becomes attached to anyone, or anything else for that matter (such as a particular sport), they engage in the pain game. Attachment involves swinging between polarities such as likes and dislikes, positivity and negativity etc. It appears to be a little known fact that you can't have one without the other; polarities work in pairs, so those individuals seeking happiness (for example) will also discover unhappiness in abundance - why? I've just answered that one . . .

   Being simply is, you can't come to know it - you are already this, it is reality; not your reality, you have none. Knock, knock . . .

Friday, 22 February 2013

I have a pencil at work, I keep Logistical records with it all day long, and so I sharpen it several times a day. But that's not my point . . .

     I've been very busy recently - I have - (Doug McMillan that is), what with a new Career within Logistics and a very healthy social life there's been very little time for one to write a Blog post; well that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

There's a wry kinda smile on the face here as I punch these keys into the ether of cyber space, I wonder - how many of you read this? I noticed, recently, that I have another follower on here, he found me again, and he knows who he is haha - thanks Bill ;-)

Also, someone has been +1'ing my articles on Google+ so I'd like to thank you for that, it's good to know - on a personal level, HA - that what is written also gets read and is appreciated (should I wink once more? Maybe not).

So, work and career is what's been unfolding here, and that's normal, we all have to have enough money to live on, yes? Of course if there's something that has to be written here then nothing can possibly stop it being written, how could it, that would be what unfolds - and so far what has been unfolding in this blog post hasn't said anything of a productive nature, but hey, who's to say that's right or wrong?

What is unfolding here within the writer right now is tiredness. One starts work early (do ya'like the impersonal style?), so one gets his arse outa bed at 5.00am Mon-Fri and one doesn't always get to bed as early as one should and therefore one ends up a little tired come Friday's. Nevertheless one is still inclined to waffle somewhat on this Blog!

Hmmm, now, anyone whom knows this writer's style knows that there is usually some point being made, even when the style appears pointless. Sorry to disappoint you, but on this occasion there really is a pointlessness to this post - and that of course is the point, the whole point and nothing but the point . . .

What am I saying? I'm saying that not everything has to have a point. We, Mankind, you and I are obsessed with purpose and meaning - and that's my pointless point here today.

Sorry? (I hear you ask.)


What is it within each of us that needs life (or a Blog post) to have a point to it? Who/what is it within you that is looking for meaning and purpose, hm - getting my point are you?

The person in you may well not like what I'm writing here - after all the personality thrives on thinking there's a purpose to everything - does it not? 'Surely there must be meaning', thinks the person, 'My life can't possibly be meaningless', and off it huffs with a despairing air of self-righteous beliefs and opinions never to return . . .

The point? The point is that whilst you think this is your life that is unfolding here then you'll, naturally enough, take everything that unfolds personally - even a few words like these in cyber space.

However, all that is really happening here is the unfolding of what is; nothingness is unfolding in and as form to experience the duality of existence, realise it's true nature as oneness (or not, as the case may be), and then carry on it's merry way . . .

. . and that's the point.


Friday, 1 February 2013

How to Become...

     "So how can I (the reader) become enlightened, is there a formula perhaps?" 

     Actually the basis of the question itself is incorrect, the question assumes there is an 'I', a me, whom can become enlightened. This message is - 'There is no 'I', so how can 'I' become enlightened, hm?'

All there is is what is unfolding; the unfolding is all there is, all else is personal attachment. Personal attachment is illusory at best. The 'I' whom I (the reader) think I am is only as real as I have made it - and if I cling to it, I continue to make it so. Not that you can do otherwise of course...

Nothingness unfolds as everything, and it does so simultaneously - meaning? Meaning that you are nothingness unfolding as this, or what is. This is unity. Unity isn't personal; the person is an individual and an individual has split or divided from unity (this split could be labelled duality). The world is full of individual persons all divided from one another by and through their personal attitudes, beliefs and opinions etcetera, and from this one can easily see the root cause of conflict.

Unity, which is oneness - is what one is. 

The realisation of Unity/Oneness is like death to the person and the personal, and it is also similar (only similar though) to a rebirth, a rebirth as beingness-oneness. Of  course there is no rebirth, how could there be as unity-being-oneness is all there is, but that is how it may feel.

Again it has to be reiterated that all labels are dangerously inaccurate in that they are like fingers pointing at the moon, including my label the unfolding, however, words are all we have to use here in existence to describe the indescribable and so we work with what we have.

Right, looking at our original question - is there anything to be done for one to become enlightened? How can one become what one already is? One can't, so all attempts are ultimately futile - including meditation (who is it who's meditating, and to achieve what, enlightenment?).

All one can say is that by hearing this message the individual person might begin to dissipate, disintegrate and fall away to reveal what one already is. And all one is is what is unfolding...