Thursday, 25 April 2013

Just Like Oil Off The Hand

     Like a song that cunnilingers on a lovers tongue, 
and yet tastes of another tune, 
memories from a past life 
experienced but a handful of years 
like Cranberries on Blueberry Hill, 
out of place 
in this space and 
which is nothing but the unfolding verse, 
the one verse, 
uni-versal song 
of life 
where division equals 
and that which knows no other 
still awaits 
its lovers embrace 
with a taste like a breastful'a 
whilst the past hinders its 
as all there is, has been 
or can be, 
until it is washed away 
by the falling rain, 
just like oil off the hand . . .

Written by: 
The Unfolding

It Happened On facebook . . .

. . . on a Tuesday in April, this week - a week not dissimilar to any other week except during this week, on a Tuesday, in a month called April it happened, and it happened on facebook - YES, Bill Murray asked an innocent question, and he got more than he bargained for. That's right, he got no Spoons . . .

Where has Doug been hiding lately?
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Monday, 22 April 2013

I'll have a 69 Please, with a slice of risque on the side - thanks!

Ford: You're looking for the Ultimate Question.

Zaphod: Yep.

Ford: You.

Zaphod: Me.

Ford: Why?

Zaphod: No, I tried that: Why? 42. Doesn't work.

     The answer to the ultimate question is? Well it follows the answer to the penultimate question . . . that's the absolute truth of the matter, especially when you're a penult short of a last syllable.  Anyway, Zaphod got his 'Math' wrong, the answer is obviously 69, which according to my local Chinese takeaway is pretty tasty, but when you think about it, well, 69, when enjoyed in a sideways position equates pretty damned approximately to a numerical Yin-Yang symbol. Obviously. 69 - look again - 69 See? And therefore one can see, and thus follow, 0ne's logic here, right? The 6 & 9 are . . .

. . in Perfect Harmony.
   Science has been looking for the answer to the Ultimate Question since . . . since Science began? Yes, Science had a beginning, doesn't everything? Yes, and an end apparently in this apparent existence, however, this existence is only apparent - apparently. My question here though is not as grand as an ultimate question, not even as grand as a back up penultimate question, my question is, oh, I forget - I took too long writing to get to the point quickly enough to remember not to forget the question. Hmmm.....

Ah yes, Science - does it know the answer? Isn't science always an nth of a degree short of a basket full of mice with the savvy to come up with a dolphins equation other than "So long and thanks for all the fish"? That's right, science is always, and will remain always, forever and a day (amen) an nth of a degree out!

Why? Why will science remain so far short of le grande discovery? Because it starts from a supposition that is an nth of a degree short of a place worth starting. You can't start by asking 'Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?', no, No, NO - and if you really want to know the answer all you have to do is order both from eBay and see which arrives first - I already know the answer. Don't pester me with the results of your own experiments, thanks!¬

Been there, done that, sold the t-shirt on eBay - made a pretty penny actually, can't complain, thanks for asking. And yes, it did have the answer to the Ultimate Question written on it, which you already know the answer to....

What if there isn't an answer? What if there is only a solution, rather than an answer? What if the mind, whether the mind of a religionist or scientist et al, can not know, cannot understand this subject enough to get beyond the nth of a degree short it happens to be? In other words, what if the mind itself is an nth of a degree out? Hm, what then?

Are you going to humour me here by staying with me? Do you get the gist of the suggestion being brought to the table? What if the mind itself, the thinker, is looking at the question from a position that is already that nth of a degree away from the starting point? Are you getting it yet my friend, or are you still imagining what it would be like to be in that 69 position right now with the partner of your dreams?

Come back, bring your attention into this moment. What am I suggesting? The suggestion here is that the mind, the mind you are looking at life through right now, that's the one, got it(?) - is already an nth of a degree out of sync with reality when it asks the Ultimate Question. Going further, your attention, yes the attention which is now paying attention to these words, is also an nth out. Sorry to be the one to break it to you bud, but it's about time someone did, yep, you really are a raisin short of a fruit and nut cake. Or put another, more polite, way - Nah!

The word solution was mentioned. Questions lead to answers that lead to yet more questions leading to more answers and more questions . . . the vicious (nth degree out) circle, not dissimilar to the one mentioned earlier about the chicken and the egg, and yet still no one knows who crossed the road first, or why?

   And that's the problem with questions, they start in the mind, which is an nth of a degree away from the starting point. The starting point being at the absolute centre of the universe, which is what you are before you lose yourself within the notional idea of an individuated you with a mind of your own with which to pay attention to whatever you choose to pay attention to . . .

The solution is what remains when there are no more questions, 
when the questioner is no more.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Do You See This?

. . . so the unfolding is a display, a revelation if you will, of - what? What unfolds is simply what is, but what is is then converted by the mind (individuated personality) into something else. The something else isn't important - it could be anything - what is important is to see that it happens. Do You?

What unfolds is nothingness as it becomes something; that something is what is before you, this is it - there is nothing more. Of course society, the educational system et al has you convinced otherwise, and that is actually okay, it's exactly, yes - 'e x a c t l y' as it is meant to be, otherwise it would be different . . . wouldn't it? Yes . . .

The display-revelation is simply the unfolding of life itself, life in all its Glory - unadulterated life - BANG! Here it is - this is it! Then the mind pops up with commentary, the individual has an opinion, a belief even - engendered by a lifetime of conditioning, and in an instant *PUFF* - life is adulterated!

This Blog is also a display, a revelation, an unfolding; what is being revealed is nothing, it is the nothingness in which the reader is unfolding as what is, as life itself. Even the individuated personality is the unfolding of nothingness, and nothingness is unfolding as everything all at once, there is No time involved - simply what is.

You are not what you think you are - in fact, wait for it - 'There Is No You', only a notion, an idea of individuation created by nothingness as it plays at being something - and that something is The Game of Life.

You are no more real than Zaphod Beeblebrox - and yet you are the only reality - but only when you are no more. Zaphod is a fictional character in a book (if you don't know which book, well you can Google that one), and I have the audacity to compare your level of reality with his? Yes, to make a point dear reader, to make a point - YES.

     The writer is unfolding, that is what the writer of this is, that's it - nothing more than the unfolding. Doug McMillan is a label, the label given at birth - it could have been any label, and there have been a few - however, best not digress, let us continue our unfolding here...

...the words you're reading are simply a communication unfolding out of nothingness, which is becoming these words, so that nothingness will resonate in the reader and thus recognise its very own nature as the unfolding of this. This is the revelation - do you see this?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

As Perfection Goes

     It isn't that liberation or 0neness is perfect, it isn't - certainly not from a personal perspective. Liberation is the realisation that all there is is what is unfolding as this. 'This' might well be physically uncomfortable, even painful, however . . . 0ne simply is - regardless of conditions, events and circumstances. Now, something quite astonishing happens when 0ne is simply unfolding as this because what unfolds as this is non-problematic.

Non-problematic, what does that mean? It means that when one is simply being this, then what unfolds as this is seen to simply be what is, and therefore it is exactly as it is meant to be - how else could it be? When an event unfolds as this, and one does not perceive it to be a problem, but simply a singular event, then what unfolds next contains within it the solution to the previous event. Astounding, isn't it, to think that problems are only a perception? The person, or individualised personality, sees each event as personal. An event 'happens' to me, the person, and I take it on-board as my event; and that is personal attachment; what unfolds next for the person is a whole chain of problematic events created by a miss-perception of a singular event . . .

Seeing an event as a problem makes it so!

Being-0neness-Presence, call it what you will - the label isn't the thing - simply is, therefore when an event unfolds 0neness does not attach itself to that event, and as what is is unfolding within the unfolding, what unfolds is the solution required. It really is that simple. The complexity, the one and only problem, is personal attachment.

At work I deal with what could be perceived as problematic situations and people, events and circumstances all day long, but actually for 0ne there is no problem - just people and events unfolding, and 0ne finds solutions simply present themselves as the unfolding of what is; and that is how 0ne is. Sometimes solutions unfold very quickly and at other times they unfold more slowly, but always as and when they are required.

    Being is what is, and when 0ne simply is the unfolding of what is then what unfolds within what is contains the solution to whatever has previously come to pass as this. That sounds pretty miraculous, right? And it is: Being is non-problematic, and therefore it is the solution that eradicates problematic living.

Liberation is freedom from Individuated Personality and thus problematic thinking and problematic living, and liberation is Being-0neness-Presence; total freedom from the ignorance of individuated personality . . .

. . . and as perfection goes that's pretty Perfect as is.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Reality That Is 0neness

     Okay, so some people are going to throw a label this way - Doug McMillan is a non-Dualist, he's writing about nonduality, Advaita Vedanta and all that stuff, right? Well no, actually no - one is not - one reason being, well one has already informed you of this, but hey, lets go again; there is no Doug McMillan (other than a label & notion), so how can one whom is not be an anything? No label fits, although you're most welcome to try . . .

The problem is, well, you see a man and you know, I mean with all certainty, you know he has a label/name - and all other labels must therefore, by default, follow.

This doesn't really make any sense though does it to the mind that still perceives itself as a person, an individual living in a world (with a mind) conditioned by a lifetime of attitudes, beliefs and opinions? It all sounds like - Madness, yes?

Often the person/people will perceive this message as madness, and that is understandable, well it would be if one were to look at it from the conditioned perspective, totally - but I can't because there is no 'I' here to comply - so one has to inform you that the madness does not belong to the writer, alas dear troubled world, the Madness is all yours!

The madness that is the world, is the madness of a world of conditioned individuals who have all separated themselves from each other through a screen, a filter if you like, of psychological and emotional attachments to attitudes, beliefs and opinions. It all begins when . . . well it all begins right here and now, because that's all there is. The world is man's creation, and man's creation sits on top of the Earth suffocating the life out of it - sound familiar at all? That's your world - and it is you; well it's the you as individuated personality - when there is no you there is no individuated personality - and the world?

    The world begins and ends here, with you. When there is no world/condition left in you then there is none in the external world - even though to others looking in from the outside (through their conditioning) it may appear to be! How weird that must sound to s/he whom still lives with a world of troubles and problems wriggling around inside them, nonetheless one has to inform you that this is ones reality; the reality that is 0neness.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Day You Are No More

     All of this is just my opinion though, isn't it? You'd think so, wouldn't you, that would make perfect sense from an individuated personalities perspective - no doubt about that - but, no - No, what's being written about here has nothing to do with an opinion; nor does it have anything to do with an attitude of mind or a believe system.

How can one say such a thing? How can one say that what is being written here has nothing to do with an attitude of mind, a belief system, and/or thus, an opinion? One can say that only when the individual isn't writing this, when the person is no longer the controlling factor - only then can one say that, and that's because One is writing it.

Oneness - The One, appearing as the many - is writing here. Doug McMillan knows not what'll be written next, and in that way he cannot interfere, he's here for sure, but he isn't dominant. Doug, the person, the individual whom thought he was separate and apart from others and the world around him, had no reality. He had an actuality whilst lost in the dream of individuality, but he had lost contact with the one reality, or 0neness (0neness with a zer0? Yes, n0thingness appears as everything at 0nce, hence 0neness!).

Doug continues here as the person that all individual personalities around him perceive as another individual, and to function in the world, to go to work and even to socialise one has to fit in, and so to those about him, Doug - that's an apparent me, an appearance - is perceived as an individual. So what is different? Nothing. Nothing or nothingness is the difference - everything simply unfolds out of nothingness - nothingness becomes something (0neness unfolding) and so it appears as an apparent Doug, or Jim, or Bill or . . . any other label one may have lumped upon 0ne!

There is No path, the cat simply is.
   Actually, in reality, nothingness is simply unfolding as being within form, that's it, that's all there is - nothing more; just Presence appearing in and as form.

Presence is all there is, right? Yes, however . . . being-presence-oneness becomes, apparently, within this life, possessed by an idea, the notion that it is an individual with an individual personality, and it becomes convinced that it has a life that is lived separate and apart from all the other individual people it perceives around about it.

All your unhappiness, your depression is simply a charade, a game played by a phantom - a notional figure, a dreamer. As for your happiness, well, the same applies - there is no you, only being unfolding.

You're living the dream all right, the dream of being something you're not, but that is okay - it's exactly how it is meant to be - until the day you are no more!

Friday, 5 April 2013

The God You Seek . . .

     Life's very different now. When I, Doug McMillan, was a seeker there was a restlessness here. I was the seeker. Even when I thought I was an enlightened person, still, the restlessness remained. It, the seeker, sat on top of being and suffocated the life out of...

There are these memories, naturally, of a lifetime of seeking (and that's not a problem  but then again nothing is). Now there is nothing to seek, and everything simply unfolds as is, and it's all as it is meant to be - and that's it. Nothing special - nothing; just nothingness unfolding as this; but this, as is, is different from anything the individualised person can comprehend. 

Sounds pretty boring, right? Actually, as boring as I've managed to make it sound (but only to the excitable personality), it is neither boring nor exciting. I don't get excited - why? Well, there is no I here to get bored - or excited, there never was one - all there was was an illusion, or a notion - an attachment to the idea of individuality.

So, Doug McMillan was seeking truth and a greater reality, even meaning and purpose - and that appeared to be Doug's quest, to seek purpose - that was his game in the game of life. Not everyone shares in that game, some never seek, many do, but not everyone. Some seek without having an inkling that that's what they are doing. They seek a greater reality, or purpose and meaning through sex, sport, success, materialism or some other attachment without knowing WTF they're doing: Each of them is a person. 

Only the person, the individual, seemingly separate and apart from other individual persons and their own reality, can feel restless and frustrated. The seeker is the person, is an individual, is separate and apart from others and separate from their reality as being. Separation and individuality, that is the game.

God knows why. God? What God? And why a capital letter? God knows . . . 

   The seeker, the separate individuated person, can perceive that something is missing - hence the seeking, but it can-Not quite put its finger on what it is - therefore, God knows why, it creates a separate God; something greater than itself (as individuated personality), and something to cling to - hope! One hopes this is making sense, but God knows why...

Mankind's God is a substitute for the real thing. 

"The real thing?" 

Yes, being, presence, oneness or you before being raped and thus possessed by individuated personality, are already the very God you Seek.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The End Product

     Sitting here, in bed, laptop resting as I slump - aching leg informs me of the need to move - plate empty, a second hot cross bun beckoning from the kitchen, mug of tea cooling quicker than I can drink it (whilst hot) - and life goes on . . .

Who needs to know any of this? No one. It's just what is unfolding here, and it's cool - as is. The day will continue to unfold, some decorating will get done - or not - I'll dance tonight - or not, it'll all simply happen and it'll all happen without attachment. Without attachment everything simply unfolds as it does, and when there is no attachment to the unfolding then everything is simply as it's meant to be - no problem. Without attachment there is no unhappiness - but with attachment there is the possibility of unhappiness. Why?

Attachment is the psychological/emotional hook that creates the see-saw affect of likes and dislikes, or happiness and unhappiness. Without attachment to people, places and material things, and without attachment to events and circumstances there is no psychological/emotional pain. Psychological and emotional pain is created not by an event or circumstance but through personal attachment to any given event and/or circumstance.

Personal attachment is an aspect of individualisation. It is the person, the individual wo/man who becomes unhappy when s/he perceives an event or circumstances as being other than their individual belief system considers things (events/circumstances) should be!

Is this making any sense to you as yet? The great majority of us are individualised, in other words we perceive ourselves as individuals in a sea of individuals, and while that is what one perceives oneself to be then that is what one will continue to be because . . .

'What You Acknowledge to be real and true has to unfold here and now for you!' 

You, yes - YOU - are the creator of your own existence - and you are creating your existence based on how you perceive life to be . . . and you are doing this whether you know it or not!

. . it's time for that second hot cross bun, hold on a mo, I'll be right back . . 

Now don't despair, okay, so maybe you've made a bit of a mess of things so far, but hey, you created it so you can go right ahead and straighten the mess out again, no worries ha, ha.

Waves come and go . . .

Or can you? No, you can't, although you're definitely entitled to give it a go - for sure, go ahead. If you can't sort the mess out who can? God? I'm smiling now  . . .

Look, there is no you! The mess was created by a notion, an idea - created in a game of duality, played by nothingness playing at being other than nothing! You, as a notion, a wave in a seamless Ocean, are the end product...