Friday, 24 May 2013

Gaining My Religion - Part One: A CULT-ural Standpoint

     There are, without doubt, plenty of religions out there in the man made world, and one of the newest it seems is growing rather rapidly in the western world, and that is of course Unilateral Arsessism.

For those of you whom are unaware of Unilateral Arsessism here is some background information:

   Yes Arsessism is similar to Narcissism, but the self-love in this case has the capacity to turn a human being into something quite disdainful, that's right - a complete and utter Arse; also known as being an Arse, rather than a Human Being.

Let me fill you in with a little detail related to this new way of being. Arsessism is a natural gap word; a word that fills a gap in the English language. It is also the coming together of two words, Arse and Narcissism. In fact a Narcissistic Arse is definitely a candidate for the religious cult known to all of us (as of now) as Unilateral Arsessism because let's face it, the world is full of them - the only problem is, well, most of them don't even know that they are already full blown members - what complete Arse's! And I may well be one of them . . . 

. . . (a member that is), but I wouldn't know, would I, how could I? Unilateral Arsessists are oblivious to the condition to which they belong - they quite literally don't know what they don't know, which in, and of, itself means they only know that others around them are complete and utter Arse's, especially if those others disagree with them about anything - which makes complete and utter sense from an Arse's point of view, well obviously, even though all an Arse can see is complete and utter crap (one way and/or another, ahem).

I have a suggestion for you, do yourself a favour, don't get into an argument (unless you fancy a laugh) with a Unilateral Arsessist - about anything - because if you do they'll do their utmost to strike you down with their Arsessisticly Unilateral standpoint! Never forget that a Unilateral Arsessistic point of view can never, Never, NEVER - be wrong - right? Right! The Arse has to be right because s/he can see everything from the perfection of their Unilateral standpoint! Makes perfect sense doesn't it? Well it does if you agree with me, if not, well - YOU CAN FECKING SOD OFF . . .

That was an example of a Unilateral Arsessist getting very angry and telling you to SOD OFF, and very impressive it was as well, I'm sure you'll agree. Anger is a very good way for Unilateral Arsessism to demonstrate its total authoritarian authenticity from whichever side of the Polarity dominated world it happens to look at life from, and there are many sides from which one can take a gander, let me show you.

A Unilateral Arsessist may be a religionist, in other words someone whom believes in religion, or they be a non believer, it makes no difference once they have taken a stance, once they've been conditioned to have an opinion about anything whatsoever, from that point on that's it - they're blinded by what they are attached to.

The attachment itself is what makes them a Unilateral Arsessistic Member!
(yes, I did say Member)

Even an atheist, yes I know this is very hard to accept but, yes, even an atheist may well be a Unilateral Arsessist (an Atheist Member) - and without knowing it! I know, absolutely astonishing isn't it? And why may they be so? They may be so because they hold a stance, a position of Unilateral standing, whereby they know with (almost) all certainty that they're right, and those Unilateral Creationist Arsessists must therefore, by default, be wrong. Stands to reason really, well that's their Unilateral Arsessistic reasoning anyway!

WARNING: The following Video demonstrates a man in a corner losing
his Religion.Thankfully no Unilateral Arsessists were harmed in
the making of this Video
(well none we know of anyway).